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Hi! Incoming 2nd year college :)

Follow me on IG: Kristdeeely :)

Follow me on IG: Kristdeeely :)

Put a Cat on It


As what I’ve said on my blog last week.. “I Promise to update and post more outfit this summer season” So here! Had a mini shoot with my friend (Albert) he took all the photos using my 5c. And to make the photos look better, I used vscocam. Knit sweaters are not just for cold season, hey! you can also use it on the beach. Knit Sweater is the perfect shirt to go from summer day to summer night. Summer days are warm and comforting. Summer nights tend to be breezy and chilly. This knit sweater will keep you warmer than any other t-shirt you may be wearing. Bring it along on your vacations and your sailing trips this summer.









What I wore: Thrifted Kitty Sweater | Leather Skater Skirt | Thrifted Creepers



S T E A L  M Y  LOOK! Get this Vintage Round Neck Striped Knit Sweater | PU Leather Pleated Skirt with Zipper  | Retro Lace Up Totem Print Platforms  at PERSUNMALL register and browse all their items. They will ship it for free! Sign Up and you’ll have 15% off.

Hope you enjoy my outfit blog post for today. Watch out for next! mwa


Pocketful of Sunshine


We almost wait for this season to come and then finally.. It’s official… SUMMER TIME! So yeah.. I’m also back on the track. First, I just wanna say sorry cause I’ve been really busy these past few months cause of school. Second, since summer time now and beach time.. I promise to update you, post more of my outfit and I will blog about my sponsor who gave me of what I am wearing right now on this post and last.. Third, I will give you 10 Ideas on what to do this SUMMER 2014! :)


1. Wear white -cause wearing light colors makes you feel more comfy. You’ll stay cooler with light.

2. Go Swimming! -It’s summer time.. Enjoy the beach and have a bondate with your fambam!


3. Watch Movie - Time for you to watch all the movies that you’ve missed while you where in school. 

4. Eat more - Enjoy the food that you want to eat this summer and explore new foods to eat for your tummy! 


5. Spend some time with your close friends -Chill and have some adventures with you best friend/ bestfriend hihihi bring back your old memories and make a new one.

6. DIY’s - have some DIY (do-it-yourself) crafts with your friends! Be creative, make money and have fun! (and lol at my face hahaha)


7. Read -something that will motivates you to do more and enjoy the real meaning of life.

8. Enjoy the night and Count the Stars -Just for a moment, try to have a date with yourself. I mean just you and the night sky.. tell them everything you want, your wishes or anything. 


9. Watch movie with someone it can be either your close friend, boy friend/girl friend or stranger and share together your thoughts about what you’ve watched.

10. Get drunk -Alcohols are bad but it can also be a good thing. It’s a social lubricant, a way of relaxing and feeling calm. (EHEM. have a permission first from your parents, be good! mwa)

imageBlog Sponsor for today: EUPHORIA -Euphoria has been making your distressed, dyed, studded denim shorts since November 2011. Each pair of shorts is completely one of its kind.
Original. Unique. Edgy. Affordable.” They sponsored me this cutie patootie Pink Denim Ombre Vest and it’s so comfy to use! Grab yours now. Thank you! Visit EUPHORIA and shop now.

And for my outfit details..

  • Denim Ombre Vest from EUPHORIA
  • Floral Dress - Bazaar
  • Vintage Bag - THRIFTED
  • Black T-Strap Sandals - Bazaar

Thank you once again for reading my outfit post for today! Til my next post guys. xhuuugs-kissesx God bless!

Letter Print Collection


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033014; Today was consisted of attending sunday mass with J and watching the sunset. We also tried KFC’s double down cause been craving for it every time the TVC appears. Today, I realized how lucky I am cause first, I have him. The one who always there for me and understands me. And second, I have a life. Life that god gave, for me to be happy and contented of what I have right now. You just really have to appreciate small or big things in order for you to feel the happy-ness. Get a life and live! :)

Summer Prints on Persunmall

Top: Lily Print Vest with Blue Hem | Bottom: OL Style Chiffon Pleated Skort in Yellow | Shoes: Standout White Metallic Oxfords | Sunnies: Fashion Round Sunglasses with Letters | Bag: Fluorescent PP Cross body bag

Yay! Here’s an update guys.. PERSUNMALL finally released some of their spring and summer collection which mostly consisted of prints! And I’m here to give you some ideas on mixing and matching them.

Bottom: Vintage Floral Print Mini Skirt | Shoes: Pink Toe Flats with Studs | Sunnies: Gradient Color Heart Sunglasses

To make these 5 items from PERSUNMALL  perfect.. Match it with any white tank top and white tees. To make you feel comfy yet stylish!

Top: Watermelon Print Cotton Vest | Bottom: White Midi Skirt in Pleated Lace and Flower Print Elastic Waist Skirt | Bag: Shell Pattern Mini Cross body Bag | Sunnies: Cool Round Sunglasses with Pearl

Here are some of the scene steal-er outfit from PERSUNMALL! Everyone loves watermelon!! 

Top: The Truth Vest Army in Black | Bottom: Lace Edge Washed Denim Shorts in Light Blue | Shoes: Cowhide Stitching Beads Lace Up Flats | Sunnies: Stylish Flip Round Sunglasses

Want a rocky yet comfy outfit this summer 2014? then go visit PERSUNMALL! They offer must have item for your wardrobe! They have a lot to offer. They can even send to you some of your purchased items for free! Visit their site now and enjoy online shopping with me! :)

Note: I gave you guys already the names of their items.. just search the item that you want on their search bar site. 


032414 consisted of taking photos of my cousin for a new outfit post for my blog.. The emotions that Jem gave during our shoot was so awesome and totally worth it! 

Try to be yourself and divine the things that you want to know. And Forget all the ache that you have in your heart. 

At the end of the day, people will just leave you and the only thing that you have is YOURSELF. You have your own life and you don’t need to be save. Live and enjoy it. 

Stay classy and act like you are one of a kind. Don’t mind what other people overcome to you. 

Free yourself and go to different places that would make you feel happy. All of your grey clouds could turn to a little one, if you will let yourself wander and walk through the positive paths of your life. 

And for the outfit details: "W" Leatherette Sleeve Top in Maroon, Leather Skater Skirt, Ohrelle Leather boots

Til my next outfit slash inspirational post. Haha! Good night mwa 

-Krstdl. :)

Hi girls! Is this you every morning? feeling not fresh and not comfy? Don’t worry! We have a solution for it! You will totally love this! Must watch and for what to do, log on to facebook.com/carefreeph #PantyWhiners

Surround yourself with flowers and make them as your inspiration. Appreciate all the things that god has given to us, cause they make our lives more productive and colorful.

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